Silver and gold

I’ve been ever so slightly obsessed with this delicate Shooting Star ring by Natasha Sherling from Cold Lilies recently. I don’t usually wear yellow gold – white metals work much better with my cool skin tone – but limiting myself to one or the other suddenly seems rather old-fashioned. And this ring is so fine that I think I could make it work even when combined with my other white jewellery.

What do you think? Do you stick to one colour only or does it depend on the piece?

Image from – Shooting Star ring by Natasha Sherling, €600

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Steam Cream does cherry blossom


Browsing through Image magazine, I came across this lovely Steam Cream Japonisme. With cherry blossom still on the trees, I fear resistance may be futile…

Incidentally, the newly-relaunched Image Daily site is well worth a visit if you’ve got a moment or ten to spare.

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Banana bread, Hummingbird-style


When I first tasted this banana loaf the day I baked it, I must admit I wasn’t overly impressed. My usual banana bread recipe contains chocolate chips and mixed spice, where this one is a bit plainer, with no chocolate and only cinammon and dried ginger to flavour it. I missed the depth of flavour from the mixed spice and though the ginger was an interesting twist, it tasted too one-dimensional. The next day, however, it was better and by the third day, even better. So definitely one of those recipes where you want to wrap it up and leave it to sit a day or two before tasting.

Did I mess with the recipe? Yes. It calls for 200g of mashed banana – I had 4 small bananas that came to about 330g, but I chucked them all in. I did have to let it bake about 10 minutes over the recommended hour, but apart from that it didn’t cause any problems.

I think this was actually the first recipe I tried from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, not counting the buttercream icing. I’ve a tendency to read my cookbooks for inspiration, discover I’m missing vital ingredients and then look up an alternative online to use instead. Based on the success of the banana loaf, I’ll be trying more soon.

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Spring is here (isn’t it?)


Yes it’s freezing and yes we were basking in a heat wave this time last year, but it’s April, there was sun yesterday and Easter has come and gone. And there are daffodils, which always feel sunny and happy, whatever the weather.

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The sales aren’t quite over yet…

Don’t you love it when an outfit comes together in the shopping basket? And I feel quite proud that I had 3 of these on my wishlist from before Christmas and managed to wait until they were half price in the sale to buy. All from COS.

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Dear COS, I love you

The only thing better than new COS loveliness? An online COS order that comes all sweetly packaged as above.

What did I get?

New pyjamas – since I’ve been living in them for the last few weeks, I’ve realised mine are all well worn and could do with an upgrade.

Tan leather purse – good for loose change when I’m carrying a handbag or holding a few small essentials (phone, cash, keys) when I’m carrying a changing bag.

Yellow hairbands – mostly just because they looked so adorable in that little bunch, but also because they’ll add a nice hint of colour when I’m doing nothing more exciting with my hair than throwing it up in a ponytail.

Graphic necklace (neckpiece?) – a quick and easy way to dress up my usual very basic jeans and a tee.

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Did you miss me?

I’ve been rather busy with this little monkey, who arrived six weeks ago today…

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