How much is that doggy in the doorway?


We have finally moved! Looking for a place to rent right now is not fun, to say the least. But we did it and we are now in the new house and at least partially unpacked. I like to remain optimistic and imagine we’ll unpack fully before we actually have to move again, but who knows.

In the meantime, there was the pressing issue of the doors in this place, very few of which seem to close properly and when left open most like to gradually swing wide open. Not very convenient when we need to leave bedroom doors slightly ajar to accommodate small people who might wake in the night.

And so we came to bring this little fella (and a pal just like him) home to help us prop open the uncooperative doors. And possibly act as guard dogs. We love them – do you?

Dog door stop, €7 in Penneys

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One Response to How much is that doggy in the doorway?

  1. JesskaDenise says:

    Aw he’s so cute. I love finding things like this in penneys.x

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