The new IKEA catalogue is coming!

Do you know what tomorrow is? It was supposed to have been today, but I’m getting one more sleep of excitement before the NEW IKEA CATALOGUE drops!


For me it’s the grown-up equivalent of the Toymaster catalogue dropping through the letterbox every year before Christmas. Oh the hours of fun we had making fantasy wish lists of the toys we’d get if we had free reign. Now I play the same game with the IKEA catalogue, still working from fantasy as I imagine how I’d furnish and decorate my small but perfectly proportioned Scandinavian apartment if I had one.

This year I have the joy (not really) of a house move to look forward to and the even greater joy (this time really) of the subsequent trip to home shopping nirvana for those 5 things I’ll really need and the other 59 I won’t know I need til I get there.

This year, I’m mostly looking for all the yellow things (expect more of this later). And you?

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2 Responses to The new IKEA catalogue is coming!

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  2. Lily says:

    I LOVE IKEA! and youre blog!

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