Objets – Tiger Multicoloured Whisk (№ 1 in a series)

Tiger Multicoloured Whisk 1

I finally ventured into the wonder that is a Tiger store recently. If you’re not familiar with the concept, try to picture the €2 shop crossed with Ikea and you’re partway there. Their design-led products are not just good-looking; they’re well-priced too (nothing costs more than €30 and you’ll find plenty for below a fiver) and if you’re looking for some random bits and bobs, you can bet you’ll find them here. Spice, envelopes and an alarm clock? Check, check and check. Some glitter gel pens and cocktail umbrellas? Well, why not?

I had nothing in particular in mind when I wandered into the Nassau Street store, but when I saw the multicoloured balloon whisks I had to have one. And I actually did have a silicone whisk on my shopping list, so it wasn’t even a frivolous non-necessity. At €2, who could blame me either way? But I do love it when a piece of useful, but not too exciting kitchenware becomes something fun to look at. This bright, cheery whisk makes pancakes at the weekend an even happier experience and works up a mean bechamel for macaroni cheese.

Find it at a Tiger store near you and don’t blame me if you come out with a cake stand (€4) and some neon straws (€1) too.

Tiger Multicoloured Whisk 2

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4 Responses to Objets – Tiger Multicoloured Whisk (№ 1 in a series)

  1. Madalenaa says:

    i love Tiger.. it’s amazing (:
    I’m searching one here in Portugal..

  2. Love the whisk, and the bowl too. I have a store similar to that in Buffalo, NY, called The Christmas Tree Shops. Just the place to go when I need a new porcelain tea pot, some makeup wipes, and a jar of designer marinara.

    Peace, Mari

  3. I am totally in love with Tiger. Every time I pass the one near me I have to either go in and buy something or else stroke the window in a loving but totally insanse way. I LOVE IT.

  4. Lorraine Haigney says:

    I’ve walked past a few Tigers and have never had the chance to go in. Honestly thought it was a super expensive interiors shop. Really must have a look around now 🙂

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