The search for a new bag – the COS shopper

COS shopper

I’m on the hunt for a new everyday bag. It needs to be roomy enough for the usual suspects (wallet, phone, sunglasses, lipbalm) plus a few random kid-related items (nappies, raisins, muslins, toys), but not so vast that I can’t reach what I need in a hurry and with only one free hand. It needs a cross-body strap as I never have a hand free for carrying a tote and shoulder bags always have a tendency to slip off at just the wrong moment. It also needs to be light enough when empty that it doesn’t become a lead weight around my neck when filled with the contents listed above. It’s going to get knocked around a bit, so it can’t be too precious for a few scuffs and marks.

Option 1 – this COS wide leather shopper (€150). It ticks the roomy and light boxes and has the cross-body strap, though I wonder if it’s wide enough not to dig in when weighed down? It’s slightly limited in only having one interior pocket, unfortunately. I like to have a separate phone pocket that can be reached in a hurry and a zipped one for keys and other small items. But I do love the colour for summer and the slouchy look. Hmmm…

What do you think? And what’s your ideal take-everywhere bag at the moment?

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One Response to The search for a new bag – the COS shopper

  1. linn says:

    I just love the cos bag, it is a perfect everyday bag. The only thing i don’t like is that you can’t put anything in paper-size in it.

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