Hemsley & Hemsley Miso Carrot Soup

I’ve been meaning to make this Hemsley & Hemsley Miso Carrot Soup since first spotting the recipe a few months back and I finally got around to it last week. It was an easy way of getting through a bag of carrots I wasn’t otherwise inspired to use and as both kids love soup it’s a good way of getting vegetables into them.

To be honest, I wouldn’t usually go for a carrot-based soup as I sometimes find them a bit bland, but the blend of flavours from the garlic, ginger, miso, coriander and lime really made this something special – the big girl requested multiple refills of her cup and despite a high temperature and general sadness, the baby happily lapped up spoonful after spoonful from my bowl (I added only 1 litre of stock to keep the texture thick enough to make it easy for them to eat).

The toasted sesame seeds were an inspired touch – so easy to do as you don’t need an extra pan for them and both the flavour and texture added something special to what was already a delicious soup.

Feeling virtuous about what you eat is easy when it tastes this good. Now to decide what to try next from the lovely Hemsley & Hemsley blog…

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