Weekend lunch in KC Peaches Nassau Street

Meeting up with a friend for lunch in the city centre last Saturday, I struggled to think of somewhere that would a) have good food, b) be a nice location for both chatting and managing a toddler and c) accommodate a buggy with ease. KC Peaches on Nassau Street jumped to mind as I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while and though I’d never really seen the interior, decided to give it a shot.

It proved to be a good decision from the toddler/buggy point of view, since there was plenty of room to wheel the buggy in and also park it beside the table without having other diners trip over it and also no steps or stairs to negotiate. We also found a nice highchair easily that pulled right up to the table and didn’t get in the way. We arrived at 12pm, so it was still quiet – by 1pm it was quite busy and less easy to find a free table.

The choice of food here is good – from hot offerings such as lasagne or a chickpea and vegetable curry to which your help yourself, to sandwiches and salads you can either choose from the menu or have made up according to your preferences and delicious-looking cakes and coffee (despite being drawn in by the sound of the cakes, I never got around to trying one – the horror!). And for a vegetarian, it was nice to see options outside of the boring standards – I had my own artisan baguette made up with baby spinach, tomato, mozzarella and avocado and it was delicious.

The set-up here for ordering means timing is important – hot food can be paid for and taken to the table right way, while sandwiches, salads and hot drinks are ordered at the counter and then served to the table when prepared. Our sandwiches took longer than the hot food and salad to arrive, which meant our friends were finished eating by the time we got our food, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

We lingered while chatting and there was no pressure to vacate the table even when things got busier. And the little monkey was rendered temporarily speechless by meeting new people, so mercifully stayed fairly quiet and well-behaved the whole time.

All in all, a good weekend lunchtime experience and I’ll definitely be heading back in to sample the cakes!

A good food blogger I would not make, since I neglected to take any photos of my own. Image above with thanks to ireland.com

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